At the Piano

Welcome to my Composition Web Page! Here you can find information about my compositions, upcoming concerts, and more.

NEW RECORDINGS. Much has been delayed by Covid-19 but there are some new recordings this Fall. The premiere of Piano Trio No.2 played by the Ives Collective, and String Quartet No.7 played by the Friction Quartet. A revised version of Crisp for two piano. Played in studio by the wonderful Keisuke Nakagoshi. Older recordings are a Winter of disquiet commisioned by the San Francisco Civic String Orchestra. Sublime played by Monica Chew, piano, and Divesh Karamchandani, percussion, and Five Pieces for Organ, played by Paul Rosas. The Friction Quartet, with Violist Clio Tilton, plays String Quartet No.4 (Incandescent). More at my YouTube Channel.

PRESS. A review of String Quartet No.7 can be found here. A long interview with Carolyn Howley can be found here, and couple of short radio interviews on KALW Open Air discussing Rehem and Bronze Chasm, including a live performance of its second movement by the Friction Quartet.
MUSIC SCORES. Many of my music scores are available for free at my IMSLP page. PIPELINE. I have been a bit too productive in the last year with the result of a lot of pieces on the backburner waiting for some normality ... time to change gea: next is a piece for percussion solo, and (finally) voice with three songs a cappella for soprano.
NEWS. Just finished the String Quartet commissioned by the Circadian String Quartet. The commisions long completed commission from Bernal Hill Players might be played inext June together with the Cello Sonata I wrote for Anne Lerner-Wright ... Covid-19 rules!


at the piano